About Us

Backcountry Medical Company was was started in 2009 after noticing a distinct lack of realistic, hands-on, practical training courses that actually gave a training experience analogous to the investment of time and money. Together we have over 50 years experience in Search and Rescue, Fire, Military and Civilian EMS.

Our approach is very simple…no-nonesense, straight to the point training focused on making competent providers.

We are not interested in the same old “Meat in the seat” classes where everyone shows up and gets a pretty little card to prove that you attended. We are only interested in creating providers that we would trust to work on our own friends and families.

Come check us out, you won’t be disappointed!

Click on one of our qualified instructors for more information

Joel Pratt- Owner/Instructor

Keith Griffin- Owner/Instructor

Jeff Brown- Owner/Instructor

Wayne Papalski- Instructor

Alexa Bowen- Instructor

John Seidler- Instructor

Tracey Hoff- Instructor

Matt Dawson- Instructor


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